Forward Motion Sports
Forward Motion Sports
What We Do

Forward Motion Sports is a full-service specialty sports retail store for running, walking, hiking and everyday exercising. When we say “full-service” we mean that we take the time to ask you questions, find out what you are doing, so we can recommend you the best equipment for the particular need or activity that you are participating in.

Our expertise starts in footwear. Being fit in the right shoe is an important step in injury prevention and an enhanced fitness experience. Whether you are just getting “off the couch”, training for your first 5K or marathon, your doctor told you to get a good shoe, or you are on your feet all day and your feet hurt…we are here for you.

We have specialized in foot and gait analysis for 25 years. Foot and Gait Analysis includes: foot measurement, arch and lower leg bone structure evaluation, current footwear, insole and sock inspection, try-on and fit inspection, walk and run visual analysis; repeat as needed! No two feet are the same. What works for your best friend does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Size does not matter and color is only in the beholder! Come on in to Forward Motion so we can get you “Totally Fit”!

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